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Fujian to promote online export rebate

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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The Fujian Provincial Office of State Administration of Taxation recently announced its online export rebate policy for the entire province, excluding the city of Xiamen, according to ptnet.cn on March 8.

As per the policy, companies can now apply for a rebate online, so there is no need to go through a load of paperwork. And the taxation authorities can also complete the approval procedures online, which is able to speed up the rebate process.

The policy started trial operation in Pingtan and Fuzhou free trade zones back in May of last year and the results proved positive, said provincial officials.

There were two companies in Pingtan that took advantage of the policy and got total rebates of more than nine million yuan ($1.4 million), mentioned Pingtan taxation authorities.

One beneficiary is the Fujian Huamin Import and Export Co. Its staff member, Gao Yuguang, said that the company completed all the rebate procedures online without going to the local taxation department, which was a real time-saver.