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Pingtan to have branch of prestigious painting academy

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-01-20

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A delegation from the Li Keran Academy of Painting led by its president Li Geng visited Pingtan, Fujian province on Jan 19 to gain a better understanding of the place, ptnet.cn reported.

The visit was due to Li's plan to open a branch of the painting academy in the county.

Local authorities welcomed the delegation and briefed them about the county's latest development. The authorities said that they are pleased to hear that there will be a branch of Li's academy in Pingtan, as it will contribute to the development of local cultural industry.

The president said that the academy aims to preserve and develop traditional Chinese painting and to display different regional cultures.

Since Pingtan is an experimental zone for cross-Straits cooperation, the branch will be a platform for young artists on both sides of the Taiwan Straits to exchange ideas. And when it starts operation, it will help enhance cross-Straits cooperation in culture and arts, added Li.

Li Keran was a master of Chinese landscape painting in the 20th century. The Li Keran Academy of Painting was established by his wife Zou Peizhu in 2012, which focuses on the study of traditional Chinese painting.