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Fujian endorses cross-border e-commerce in Pingtan

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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The commerce department of Fujian province recently rolled out a set of measures boosting cross-border online business in Fuzhou and Pingtan, according to ptnet.cn.

Provisions of 12-point document ranged from new cross-Straits businesses, supporting facilities, logistics subsidies, and attracting industry leaders.

Fujian will deepen cooperation with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group by docking Pingtan’s online stores with Alibaba’s platform of sales, electrical payment and logistics.

Companies with cross-border e-commerce transactions exceeding 5 million yuan ($788,500) will get prize money equal to five percent of the total, with a cap of 1 million yuan.

Companies which spend more than 2 million yuan in international logistics costs can apply for a subsidy equal to 10 percent of the costs, capped at 500,000 yuan.

To encourage cross-Straits business, Fujian will shell out up to one million yuan as prize money for e-commerce or logistics companies that handle more than 100,000 parcels or 2,000 tons of mail by sea or air in the province.

Fujian will also attract leading e-commerce enterprises from outside the province, and award them with the equivalent of five percent of their actual registered capitals, with a cap of five million yuan.

Elite professionals who agree to a three-year or longer contract with Fujian e-commerce companies will get one-time subsidy of 100,000 yuan, and the equivalent of 30 percent of their talent-hunting costs.

Enterprises that obtain a third-party online payment license and are approved to operate foreign-currency payment will get prize money of up to three million yuan prize money.