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Overseas tourists can get tax refunds in Pingtan

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Overseas tourists may now apply for tax rebates on purchased goods when they leave Pingtan , according to a new tax policy made by authorities.

The policy stipulates that starting on Oct 1, tourists from foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan who stay in the mainland for less than 183 days are qualified for the tax refund, equal to 11 percent of sales .

Two stores in Pingtan have implemented the policy: the Taiyuan branch of Guan Supermarket and Haoxiang Supermarket on Jiuyiliu Rd, according to the local tax bureau.

The bureau is promoting the policy among local enterprises, a move aimed at boosting tourism, said an employee of the bureau.

The Haixia Ferry terminal in Pingtan has been included as one of five tax-refund places. The other four are Changle Airport in Fuzhou, Jinjiang Airport in Quanzhou, and Gaoqi Airport and Wutong Port in Xiamen.