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Taiwan Travel Agency Promotes 'Pingtan Vacation'

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Updated: 2015-08-20

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The Grand China Air Travel Agency (Pingtan) obtained permission to operate on Aug 18.

Taiwan Travel Agency Promotes 'Pingtan Vacation'
Shipaiyang, the symbol of Pingtan, is a spot which every Taiwan traveler would go to.[Photo/ptnet.cn]

In order to make adequate preparations for future business, the company has expanded its registered capital from the original 2.5 million yuan to 50 million yuan. The travel agency also plans to launch several travel products, including the “Pingtan Vacation.”

Grand China Air Travel (Pingtan) is a subsidiary of the Taiwan Grand China Travel Agency. The Pingtan Free Trade Zone has implemented preferential tourism policies since its establishment. Travel agencies from Taiwan can now get their permits directly in Pingtan.

With the aid of travel agency platforms in Taiwan, Grand China Air Travel has launched the “Pingtan Vacation”, providing several travel routes including a four-day trip to Pingtan and a five-day journey to Pingtan and Mount Wuyi. Taiwanese tourists can take the cross-Straits ferry straight to Pingtan.

Zhen Xubin, board chairman of Grand China Travel Agency, remarked, “This September, we will organize a tour group of 2,000 Taiwan travelers to come to Pingtan. After they have arrived by the cross-Straits ferry, we will arrange their schedules according to their requirements. ‘Pingtan Vacation’ is intended to introduce Pingtan to Taiwanese, so that more Taiwanese come to Pingtan to invest, work and settle.”

Apart from attracting Taiwan people Pingtan also hopes to learn from the advanced management models of Taiwan travel agencies.

Another foreign-funded travel agency, Fujian Tianhai International Travel Agency, mainly provides domestic travel products and inbound tourism. The company spokesperson expressed that the company plans to focus on bringing in advanced management models and service concepts. Both Taiwan tour guides and workers from within the travel agency will come to Pingtan to assist with the business.

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