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CCTV captures sea landscapes in Pingtan

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2015-07-29

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A crew from the China Central Television (CCTV) is in Pingtan county, Fujian province to film its unique landscapes and customs, local news portal ptnet.cn reports on July 19.

The team will spend the next ten days capturing sea erosion landforms on the island city off eastern Fujian province. It will also travel to historic sites where islanders resided in ancient times, said Wen Bin, director of Chinese Geography, a program on CCTV’s science and education channel.

“We try to show the world how Pingtan people maintain a harmonious relationship with nature,” he said.

The team also invited an expert panel to introduce geographic and ecological knowledge and shed light on how the unique landscape in Pingtan was formed in history.

“Pingtan has vast reserves of rock including andesite, an extrusive igneous, volcanic rock. Local people build houses out of the stone. The source of the rocks is intriguing and we will explain that in the program,” said Zhang Wenkai, a professor of geography at the Fujian Normal University.

The Pingtan episode is expected to be aired in October.

It is not the first time CCTV shoots documentaries and programs in Pingtan. Distant Home, a tourism program, Home Land, a program featuring rural lifestyle, and Outlook English have all been to Pingtan to shoot programs before.