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Fujian, Taiwan boost clan communication

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2015-05-26

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A delegation comprising 300 members of a powerful clan travelled from Fujian province to Taiwan on May 15, ptnet.cn reports.

Fujian, Taiwan boost clan communication

Figures of Wang Chao (L) and Wang Shenbang, ancestors of a powerful clan in Fujian province. [Photo/ptnet.cn]

Descendents of the Wang Clan also carried figures of their ancestors – Wang Chao, Wang Shenbang and Wang Shenzhi – who travelled from Central China’s Henan province to Fujian dating back to 885 (AD). Fujian’s economy made a big stride in all fronts during the trio’s 41-year reign.

The clan has about 940,000 descendents in Taiwan, 80 percent of whom are ancestrally from Fujian province.

The figures and family members from Fujian will go on a nine-day parade across Taiwan. There will be four large worshipping ceremonies.

The purpose of the trip is to deepen the clan communication between Fujian and Taiwan, promote history and boost cross-Straits peace, said Wang Limin, an official with a cultural research association in Fuzhou.

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