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Tough female workers in Pingtan

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2015-03-27

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A local newspaper has made a report on a group of female workers at a construction site in the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone in Fujian province.

Tough female workers in Pingtan

Two female workers at a construction site in Pingtan, Fujian province [Photo/ptnet.cn]

Judging from the way they were dressed, wearing gloves and safety helmets, and the way they worked, carrying templates and assembling reinforcement bars, one can hardly tell the difference between husky men and their fellow cowgirls, many of whom are in their 40s.

“We are all from Dazhou town in Sichuan province. And we’ve known each other for a long time. We came to Pingtan after a friend told us that Pingtan is in need of manpower,” said Guo Zongzhen, 49, adding that her sisters were also born in the 1960s.

“We can do everything. The workload these days is increasing, but as long as we stay together it is nothing,” she said.