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Forum explores cross-Straits financial cooperation

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Updated: 2014-06-16

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The Cross-Straits Financial Cooperation (Pingtan) Forum was convened in the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone (PCPZ) on June 13.

More than 400 scholars and economic experts from across the Taiwan Straits participated, discussing how to take cross-Straits financial cooperation up a notch in Pingtan and even Fujian province.

The forum is part of the 6th Strait Forum, which is being held in Xiamen from June 14 to 20. It is co-organized by the Fuzhou branch of People’s Bank of China, PCPZ’s administrative committee and the Fujian Finance Association.

Many of Taiwan’s financial agencies in banking, securities, insurance, financing, leasing and financial consultation attended the forum.

As the first and only pilot zone open to Taiwan on the Chinese mainland, Pingtan will spearhead reforms and innovation modes in cross-Straits financial cooperation, according to insiders.

Bigwigs in financial sectors from across the Straits made appearances and speeches at the forum.

Li Deijin, head of PCPZ’s administrative committee, made a keynote speech on building a demonstration zone for cross-Straits financial cooperation.

After giving a briefing on Pingtan’s construction over the past few years, he pointed out that strengthening cross-Straits cooperation and communication is an important part of building a modern industrial system, as mentioned in a development plan approved by the State Council.

Pingtan just got off the ground in the financial industry, and needs a bigger vision and go-ahead spirit to be a trailblazer in the field. It hopes that more scholars, experts and professional elites will join hands to expand the cross-Straits financial cooperation in Pingtan, he added.

Finance is the core of a modern economy, and is of great significance to regional economic development. The forum is important to accelerate Pingtan’s economic growth and boost cross-Straits cooperation, said Wu Guopei, head of the Fuzhou branch of People’s Bank of China.

Yang Xiuhui, president of the Taichang Finance Executive Council, suggested that Pingtan strive to cultivate industry clusters and pay attention to development of small and media-sized financial agencies in the first stage.

Yang led a delegation of 15 members to Pingtan, and said she is targeting investments in many financial sectors after learning Pingtan offers a number of favorable policies to Taiwan’s financial agencies.