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Taiwan woman teaches square dancing in Pingtan

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Updated: 2014-05-14

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Chen Cuijuan has become a minor celebrity in Pingtan county after she opened square dancing classes at a local hospital, Pingtan Times reported on May 4.

Taiwan woman teaches square dancing in Pingtan

Chen Cuijuan, a Taiwan woman who runs a teahouse in Pingtan, teaches square dancing. [Photo/pingtan.gov.cn]

Square dancing is becoming popular in many places in China in recent years, as the mostly older female dancers find it is a good way to combine exercise and entertainment.

Chen, who hails from Taiwan and came to Pingtan with her husband to run a teahouse two years ago, has been teaching square dancing in her spare time.

Dancing comes natural to Chen, who has been practicing various types of dancing since she was young and majored in art-dancing in college. She is also instrumental in helping new dance students with oral instructions that she created, which has won her many fans.

Pingtan County Hospital reached out to Chen a couple of months ago, hoping she can bring her talent to the hospital, teaching the medical staff how to square dance. Chen agreed to teach an evening class every Monday and Wednesday, starting on April 9.

The dance class, which is held on a basketball court in the hospital, has since attracted more people from in and out of the hospital.

A woman surnamed Zheng said she has been a loyal fan of Chen for two years. She picked up square dancing with help from a patient and the Taiwan teacher.

Chen’s fan base also includes children. Xue Xinyi, 8, said she will teach her mother all the moves she learned from Chen.

The magic code for square dancing is that dancers should achieve a maximum relaxation of their bodies and leave other thoughts behind while dancing, according to Chen.

“Just relax and feel your own body. Imagine you are a 5-year-old kid who has no worries at all,” she said.

Chen also said teaching the classes gives her a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

“If the medical workers become healthier and more optimistic through square dancing and deliver the positive energy to more patients, isn’t that quite good?” she said.

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