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Pingtan to build business environment for Taiwan investors

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Updated: 2014-03-19

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Taiwan Pioneer Park is slated to open in the second half of 2014 in the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone (PCPZ), the mainland's first pilot zone to open to Taiwan, sources said on March 6.

The first phase of the park is situated in Jinjin Bay area, a business district in Pingtan, occupying an area of about 200 mu (13 hectares) with an accrued investment of 2 billion yuan ($326 million).

The project may be officially launched in July, according to PCPZ's administrative committee.

The Pingtan government is planning the project, one of PCPZ's five major Taiwan-related projects this year, in order to attract more Taiwan companies to make investments. It will be made up of a business incubator for Taiwan's college students, a workshop for PhD students and international students.

In the long run, another branch park will be opened in Zhongyuan district covering 10 square meters, with four function zones: scientific research, high-tech industries, modern service and supporting facilities. The investment is expected to reach 30 billion yuan over four years of construction.

The first-stage development of the park will focus on high technologies such as research institutions, e-commerce, cultural creativity, and software development, which have already appealed to some Taiwan entrepreneurs.

A youth startup association in Taiwan set up a branch office in Pingtan last year to launch big projects. And more than 200 young Taiwan people have come to Pingtan for startups, said PCPZ's administrative committee.

Pingtan built a startup base for Taiwan's college students in November in a bid to lure more talent from Taiwan with more favorable policies.

Edited by Chen Zhilin and Nelly Min