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Fujian aims to enhance cross-Straits transportation

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Updated: 2014-02-20

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Fujian authorities implemented additional favorable measures aimed at facilitating cross-Straits transportation on Feb 16.

The measures relate to permitting owners of vehicles with Taiwan plates to drive in Fujian, and opening passenger marine routes between the Huangqi Peninsula and the Taiwan-controlled Matsu Island, according to a document issued by the Fujian Transportation Bureau.

The Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone in eastern Fujian, and Xiamen city in southern Fujian, will serve as pilot zones this year concerning the Taiwan vehicles, and Fujian will aim for a sort of "exchange" of vehicles between Taiwan and Fujian by 2017. This would allow the use of Taiwan-registered vehicles in Fujian – and also the use of Fujian-registered vehicles in Taiwan.

In addition, a new wharf will be built in the Jinjin Bay district of Pingtan – which is open to Taiwan - in a bid to increase the volume of cross-Straits cargo transport.

A local cruise liner company will be established in Xiamen within three to five years, and Fujian will aim to launch a marine route from Xaimen to Taichung, Keelung and Hualien in Taiwan.

In the meantime – before the company opens – the Xiamen authorities recommend hiring foreign liners to carry out cross-Straits travel business.

In addition, another marine passenger route - from Huangqi peninsula in Lianjiang county to the Taiwan controlled Matsu Island - is expected to open this year.

And the document issued by the transportation bureau also said that several islets in Fujian will be transformed into wharves open to Taiwan by 2017.

Edited by Chen Zhilin and Niva Whyman