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Pingtan county has big trademark ideas

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Updated: 2013-07-29

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The county of Pingtan's administrative committee hopes to get more than 1,000 trademarks over the next two years, with recent county guidelines calling for a trademark strategy that involves setting up a special team, increasing financial support, incentives, policies and publicity, and brand innovations and a crackdown on counterfeits.

In addition, according to industrial and commercial administration sources, Pingtan will begin the international registration of trademarks. Exporters will register their trademarks in major exporting countries, while other companies focus on brand building to make the national and provincial list of prominent trademarks.

The county government expects to set aside no less than 1 million yuan ($162,900) for a trademark fund to encourage enterprises to follow the trademark strategy, according to the guidelines.

The committee says it will also set up an incentive fund to honor enterprises with an excellent record in brand building and trademark registration.

The industrial and commercial administration is also encouraging qualified companies to apply for enterprise group status.

Edited by Chen Zhilin and Roger Bradshaw