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Pingtan home to State-level Wushu training center

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Updated: 2013-06-26

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A Chinese martial arts (Wushu) training center was officially launched in Pingtan county, East China's Fujian province on June 21.

It is Fujian's first State-level Wushu training center to extend cross-Straits exchanges and cooperation in the field of martial arts and to promote public interest in the sport.

Many sports officials from across the Taiwan Straits attended the inauguration ceremony on Friday.

Wushu, as a carrier of cross-Straits communication, is of low cost. The launch of Pingtan Wushu Training Center is to try new modes and ways for the integration of cultures, said Shao Shiwei, deputy director of the Martial Arts Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China.

Pingtan has had basic conditions for cross-Straits connection after three years of construction. It will strive to become a logistics hub with better service in future, and will land more sports programs that embraced by people from across the Straits in Pingtan, said Gong Qinggai, director of the Pingtan administrative committee.

The cultural and creative industry is one of seven major industries in Pingtan. The training center will promote Chinese martial arts and boost communications in many more aspects between Chinese mainland and Taiwan, said Liang Qinglong, deputy director of the Pingtan administrative committee.

Edited by Chen Zhilin and Micheal Thai