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Route set for cross-Straits marathon

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Updated: 2013-06-21

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The route of the 2013 Pingtan Xingguang (Starlight) Marathon Tournament has been decided, said the organizing committee on Tuesday.

Participants will start from the foot of Longnan Bridge in Pingtan, an island county in East China's Fujian province, and run south towards a particular road sign at the south section of Huandao (Island Ring) Road on June 22. The race starts at 5 pm and will close at 11 pm.

The event is divided into four categories: full-marathon (42.2 kilometers), half-marathon (21.1 kilometers), healthy-marathon (5 kilometers) and mini-marathon (3 kilometers).

The distance from the bridge to the road sign is 10.55 kilometers, meaning runners in full-marathon and half-marathon groups will have to take shuttle runs twice and once, respectively.

Organizers urge applicants to choose their category according to their level of fitness.

The marathon tournament is open to registration from both Chinese mainland and Taiwan residents. Runners from Taiwan will be transferred by the Haixia, a high-speed passenger ferry sailing regularly between Pingtan and Taichung in Taiwan.

The registration site is set at Jinhaiwan Travel Agency in Pingtan. Those who are interested can also submit application info (name, ID card number, contact phone number) to 1497886378@qq.com.

Pingtan also successfully held a cross-Straits marathon in June, which attracted nearly 700 runners.

Edited by Chen Zhilin and Micheal Thai