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Pingtan launches Qingfeng Wind Farm

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Updated: 2013-02-28

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Pingtan launches Qingfeng Wind Farm

Qingfeng Wind Farm is located on the sloping field in the northwest Changjiang'ao area in Pingtan island county, Fujian province. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Three wind turbine generators began operation on Feb 27, marking the opening of the Qingfeng Wind Farm, a key provincial project in the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Pingtan Times reported.

As the first industrial project to go into operation since the establishment of the pilot zone, the Qingfeng Wind Farm is located on the sloping field in the northwest Changjiang'ao area. The project's first phase has an installed gross capacity of 48,000 kWs, with 24 2,000kW wind turbine generators and a 110kV booster station.

"Wind is a renewable energy, and each wind turbine generator can generate 2,000 kW per hour at an ideal wind speed of 13.6 meters per second," said Zeng Guiquan, director of the electricity generating department of Zhongmin (Pingtan) Wind Power Ltd, the project's contractor.

He also noted the wind farm will save 50,000 tons of standard coal and reduce 108,000 tons of carbon-dioxide, 953 tons of nitrogen oxide, and 1,109 tons of sulfur dioxide each year.

"The farm is located at one of Pingtan's most windy areas and will generate 130 million kWh every year," said Huang Yueing, deputy-director of the local development and reform bureau.

Pingtan has an abundance of wind resources. The wind speed on its main island, Haitian Island, reaches 8.4 meters per second. The pilot zone plans to establish four major wind farms in Dalian, Caoyu, Changxiang'ao, and the Dongyang areas to provide the county with more renewable energy.

Edited by Chen Zhilin and Michael Thai