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Jinjiang creates 'virtual nursing homes'

Updated : 2016-06-28

Fujian's Jinjiang city has been focusing on improving its housing services for the aged, and has recently introduced a new and easy-to-use Internet phone system for elderly residents.

There is a shortage of nursing assistants in the city and much of the elderly population prefers having their independence rather than being cared for 24-7. This is where Push to Talk (PTT), comes in.

PTT is similar to the voice messaging facility that is found on platforms such as WeChat and QQ. It gives the elderly fast and speedy access to core services as and when they are needed, allowing them to stay at home and carry out their daily lives, but with a safety net there in case they need assistance.

The phone has three large buttons which tap straight into services, such as housing support, health care, and government services. Staff are able to respond to queries or problems in a fast and efficient manner, and are able to send a relevant person, be it a carer or an electrician, to help solve the problem.

Jinjiang hopes to use PTT as a "virtual nursing home" for citizens, providing everything from meal deliveries, housekeeping, medical advice, and anything else they need help with.

So far, around 3,000 elderly locals over the age of 70 or with restricted mobility have signed up to use the service.




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