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Updated : 2015-03-13

Jinjiang Museum


At the front of the 4-story building is a large copper wall with a magnificent Maritime Silk Road theme. The museum covers 17,000 square meters and is China’s largest county museum, with collections, displays, and research, education and leisure facilities, halls, an antique store, and parking lot.

Address: 382 Shiji Ave, Qingyang, Jinjiang, Fujian province

Tel: 0595-8562-7291

Jinjiang Science and Technology Museum


This 5-story building has a floor space of 6,266 square meters and a total area of 7,099 sq m, and contains a square, lawn, and parking lot. It is Fujian’s second largest science museum, after the provincial one. It opened in December 2002 at a cost of 14.68 million yuan.

Address: 384 Shiji Ave, Qingyang, Jinjiang, Fujian

Tel: 0595-8563-2101

Jinjiang Library


The old library building was built in 1994 with donations from Chen Yankui and Cai Qiongxia, Chinese living in the Philippines. The building has a 4,000–sq-m area. Work on a new library building began in 2004 at a cost of more than 70 million yuan. It contains a basement and four floors above ground on an 18,000-sq-m space and is a local landmark, with a million books, over 500,000 e-books, 1,000 seats, more than 300 computers and 1,000 network nodes.

Address: Next to Culture Square, Shiji Ave, Qingyang, Jinjiang, Fujian

Tel: 0595-8203-2180

Jinjiang Theater


Work on the theater began in April 1993 and finished in November 1995, at a cost of more than 40 million yuan. The main building has a floor space of 6,000 sq m and a total area of 14,500 sq m. The first floor is a parking lot with 80 spaces; the second has a table tennis room, game room, chess and card room, and a mobile phone store, while the third has the Huangyuan Theater, and Rose, Blueberry and Violet halls. The fourth has an Internet café, and the fifth, leisure shops and a hair salon. The Huangyuan Theater has a large stage of more than 400 square meters and the three halls have updated technology to give the audience a good experience.

Address: 584 Quananzhong Rd, Qingyang, Jinjiang, Fujian

Tel: 0595-8568-6180

Jinjiang Wanda Cinema (Wanda Square)


Digital, 3D, IMAX and 3D IMAX movies available


Address: 4th floor, Bldg 2, Wanda Sq, Meiling St, Jinjiang, Fujian

Tel: 0595-8215-6688

Transit: Bus No.17 to Wanda Square station

Jinjiang Wanda Cinema (SM International Sq)

This has seven halls at international standards and 1,185 comfortable seats, with advanced projection equipments and facilities, such as large LED screens for choosing films, e-ticket booking, shops, to improve your watching experience. In addition to movies, there are star meetings and premieres.

Address: 3rd floor, SM International Sq, Jinjiang, Fujian

Tel: 0595-8815-2308

Hours: from 10:00 am.

Jinjiang Dadi Digital Theater


Address: 3rd floor, Bldg C, Time Square, Hepingyangguang Rd, Jinjiang, Fujian

Tel: 0595-8200-2890

Jinjiang Jinyi Theater (Powerlong Square)

This is a 5-star theater built by Guangzhou Jinyi Films and TV Media Co, covering 4,097 sq m, with six halls with top projection technology, 1,254 luxury seats, and the first IMAX in Jinjiang. The elegant environment and perfect audiovisual effects definitely bring the best watching experience.

Address: 3031, 3rd floor, Powerlong Sq, 518 Shiji Ave, Qingyang, Jinjiang, Fujian

Tel: 0595-8296-0055




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