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The brand capital

Updated : 2015-04-22

The brand capital

Jinjiang is home to 137 brands, sold in more than 300,000 shops nationwide and 47 with overseas branches. The Anta, Sevenwolves, and Joeone brands have an international reputation. 

Jinjiang has industrial advantages in three areas:

First, it has seven industrial clusters (shoes, textile and garment, construction materials, food and drink, equipment manufacturing, paper products, and polymer materials) each worth over 10 billion yuan. Shoemaking is the primary industry with an annual output of over 100 billion yuan, followed by textiles and garmen at 90 billion yuan.

Second, Jinjiang’s industries have higher domestic market share, which bring it titles like “World Capital of Jackets”, “National Sports Industry Base”, “Chinese Capital of Shoes” and “Outstanding City of Food Industry”. Jinjiang’s production of casual sneakers and jackets accounts for 20 percent of global output.

Last but not least, Jinjiangers are innovative. Over the last two years, they have patented 418 inventions, an annual increase of 60 percent or more. The city now has 2.89 patents for inventions per 10,000 people, growing by 73.1 percent. Research and development contribute as much as 2.52 percent of the local GDP, and it also has 92 provincial-level high-tech enterprises.





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