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Smart service robot switched on at Jinjiang

Updated : 2016-06-14
By Yu Shen(

Visitors to the Jinjinag Administrative Center were greeted by a friendly service robot recently, which was able to respond to questions, provide helpful information and act as a guide.

Greeting people with, "hello, I'm your cute and smart helper. Welcome to Jinjiang Administrative Service Center, What can I do for you?" the witty and humorous robot soon attracted much attention and popularity.

Using laser and radar for modeling and positioning, the robot is able to navigate the center's environment with relative ease.

The robot uses speech recognition technology for interaction and can answer simple questions and give out helpful information such as traffic routes and work procedures.

Another distinguishing feature of the robot is its face-recognition technology which can record people's faces and remember their names.

The robot is expected to be continually upgraded in order to provide a greater range of services.

Smart service robot switched on at Jinjiang

An intelligent robot that can act as a guide and answer simple questions appeared at Jinjiang Administrative Service Center recently. [Photo/]




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