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Architectural style in South Fujian

Updated : 2016-06-01

Architectural style in South Fujian

Changshun Old House

Jinjiang was the traditional home of the ancient Min and Yue people. After the extensive migration of the people from the central plains district, the central plains culture combined with the local culture, to produce a unique southern Fujian culture. People living in the southern Fujian area also accepted the agricultural methods of the Han people, as well as the ocean culture derived in the local region. Therefore, residences in southern Fujian province feature a combination of the central plains culture and the ocean culture, which together exhibit the regional style and diversity.

Architectural style in South Fujian

Jiyang Tower

Ancient houses in Jinjiang are typical of residences in southern Fujian province who have inherited the rigid, symmetrical and enclosed characteristics of the ancient Chinese architecture style. In addition, the ancient houses also absorbed a luxuriant air, a vivacious style, as well as exaggerated characteristics from other architectural styles. Curving roofs, along with piercing ridges, red bricks and white walls, plus cut-and-paste ceramic decorations, and colored ceramics reveal the unique regional style of ancient houses in Jinjiang. Because of the climate, the geological environment and the customs, people constructed many ancient house using different features. Here the ancient houses show the royal palace style, the shell houses, the mable houses, the mud houses, and houses of western style.

Architectural style in South Fujian

Shell House




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