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Intangible cultural heritage in Jinjiang

Updated : 2016-05-25

Intangible cultural heritage in Jinjiang

Intangible cultural heritage, as a witness of history and social civilization, is a precious treasure of the whole humanity.

Jinjiang, being endowed with extraordinary natural and cultural beauty, has the proud reputations of being “the town of fame”, “a Buddhist kingdom in southern Quanzhou” and “a town of culture by the sea”. It has rich cultural heritage, not only in the form of numerous well-preserved tangible ones, but also priceless and various intangible ones.

Jinjiang’s intangible cultural heritage has been passed on from generation to generation and is abundant in strong folk and local characteristics. Nanyin, Watertight Bulkhead Technology of Chinese Junk, Jinjiang puppet opera, Gaojia opera, Lingyuan Wanying Tea, Anhai lotus picking, Lantern customs in Dongshi Town, Jinjiang Shenhu antiphonal song, Jinjiang lantern riddle, Pan Mountain temple woodcarving are but a few included, all of which boasts great reputation at home and abroad.




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