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Fujian to attract teachers from Taiwan

Updated : 2016-01-07

Fujian is going to hire about 200 full-time teachers from Taiwan in 2016, according to the Fujian Provincial Department of Education.

Currently, 69 universities in Fujian have signed 500 agreements with Taiwan universities, deepening cross-Straits education cooperation. Fujian-based students in Taiwan make up a quarter of the mainland students there, while Taiwan students studying in Fujian are one sixth of the total Taiwan students on the Chinese mainland.

The education cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan in 2015 has yielded fruitful results. Apart from holding a cross-Straits university presidents' forum, Fujian and Taiwan universities together launched a talent-training program with sponsorship from Taiwan-funded enterprises, and worked to set up two colleges to introduce educational resources from Taiwan.

Yang Jiangfan, deputy secretary of the Fujian Provincial Education Committee, said that 132 Taiwan teachers were introduced to Fujian in 2015, and this year the province will introduce 200 more. Fujian will continue to work out measures on boosting cross-Straits exchange and cooperation on education.




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