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Huama Rock

Updated : 2015-08-25

Huama Rock
Huama Rock lies on the roadside of Luoshang Mountain in Jinjiang. The rock is well-known for the painting of a horse inscribed on it, which is 4.02 meters long and 2.35 meters tall. In Chinese, Huama means drawing a horse, which refers to the legend of Luo Yin, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. It is said that Luo Yin ran into obstacles in his academic career and had no choice but to live by begging. Belittled and bullied by the rich, he was frustrated by his predicament and drew a horse on the rock. At night, the horse came to life and damaged the crops planted by the locals. The locals thought that it was the revenge of Luo Yin, so they apologized for his mistreatment. Therefore, Luo Yin drew a hitching post to tie the horse and stop it from running free.

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