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Shopping in Jinjiang

Updated : 2015-05-19

Shopping in Jinjiang

Jinjiang Sunlight Time Square

This was the first urban complex that the Jinjiang Sunlight Real Estate Co built in the city of Jinjiang, Fujian province. It opened in October 2008 in the business district at the intersection of Heping Rd and Yangguang Rd on a 160,000-square–meter space that contains a pedestrian shopping street, hotels, a residential area, and offices. It is a calling card for Jinjiang and a one-stop commercial center with catering, leisure activities, entertainment, shopping, education and culture.

Shopping in Jinjiang

Jinjiang Wanda Plaza

This was the first large urban complex that the Dalian Wanda Group opened on the western side of the Taiwan Straits, in 2012, and handles many functions such as shopping, leisure activities, entertainment, cuisine and commerce, and can meet most of the needs of local people. It has an IMAX theater, a shopping mall, karaoke, game shop and the GOME home appliance store.

Shopping in Jinjiang

Jinjiang SM City Square

This is located in the Fupu area near Provincial Rd 306 with connections to the cities of Shishi, Quanzhou, Nanhai, and Nan’an, with a new urban center taking shape near the square that covers politics, trade, leisure activities, entertainment, and culture. The Jinjiang administration and city government buildings are nearby, and Huatai International New City to the south and Lanfeng City Garden residential estates to the east.

The 5-story first-phase building has a 176,000-sq–m area with more than 1,700 parking spaces and has attracted more than 300 globally and nationally known brands, including Wal-Mart, the world’s largest chain store, Watsons, the world’s largest health care retailer, a shopping mall, Merryseason market, Zhongbo phone store, CK, Mango, H&M, and restaurants such as McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Houcaller steak, Babela’s Kitchen, Songji spicy crab, and Hannashan barbecue.

Shopping in Jinjiang

Jinjiang Baolong City

Square This is in the village of Chencun, at the intersection of Shiji Ave and Yingbin Rd on an 800,000-sq-m space that is a complex with a large shopping mall, up-scale residential area, Huangjinchengdao (golden rd) shopping street, 5-star hotels and offices.

The shopping mall covers a 120,000-sq-m area and contains more than 100 stores, including RT-MART Supermarket, Jinyi Theater, Polihood Private Club, Hosa Fitness, Powerlong Playground, Dudu Beauty Shop, MJStyle clothes shop and Yuehui Restaurant. There are international brands, such as Givenchy, Kent&Curwen, Calvin Klein, Swarovski, Max&Co, Just Cavalli, CK Jeans, DKNY Jeans, Guess, Nicole, and Initial that have helped make the square a landmark shopping and leisure center that is both up-scale, modern, and fashionable.




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