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Pan Mountain temple woodcarving

Updated : 2015-04-17

Pan Mountain temple woodcarving

Pan Mountain Temple woodcarving originates from the east of Dongshi Town, Jinjiang. It is made from Chinese fir, annatto, camphor wood, teak, cypress, etc.

With sculpting techniques like round carving, relief carving and hollow carving, and a variety of traditional carpenter tools, such as compass, square, string, ruler, water scale, weight, ink marker, ax, saw, plane, flat shovel, sculpting knife, hammer, chisel and bit-stock, carpenters can create exquisite artworks of Buddha statues, Loong posts, gate gods, shrines, etc. at temples.

These sculptures are well designed, intensely vivid and have various layers. Depicting the ancient mythologies, legends, traditional costumes, and folk customs, they constitute an important window for studying the production, living and thinking of ancient times, and are of enormous artistic and historical value.

Pan Mountain temple woodcarving




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