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Brief introduction to ancient architecture

Updated : 2015-02-26

Brief introduction to ancient architecture

As a historical city, Jinjiang boasts a fairly long history. As early as in the Neolithic period, there were human beings who settled here and gave birth to their offspring. After the Zhou Dynasty and the Qin Dynasty, a large group of people who had made their home in the central plains district started to settle in the region. During the Xijin Dynasty, wars broke out in the central plains area, starting a huge period of migration. These people marched south and finally made their homes along a river which was later named Jinjiang.

Brief introduction to ancient architecture

Jinjiang boasts a southern tropic monsoon climate, which endows the district with plenty of sunshine and warmth. With a mild long summer and a warm short winter, the city has a mild climate.

Brief introduction to ancient architecture

Throughout history, Jinjiang has been of great significance, economically, militarily and culturally. It is the starting point of the famous Silk Route via the Sea. In ancient times, its transportation was advanced and the culture was booming. It was crowned the Cultural City along the Coast and the Buddhist District in Southern Quanzhou City.

Brief introduction to ancient architecture

Its unique geological location, profound history and multi-culture enrich the land and its people, producing a large number of unique ancient houses, in Jinjiang. These ancient architectural complexes have become the landmarks of the city and the special tourist destinations within this region.




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