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Shanghai Normal University
2011-Mar-10 17:44:02


Founded in 1954, Shanghai Normal University(SNU)was then named Shanghai Teachers Training College. The university has 16 colleges and 81 research institutes. Also located in SNU are Shanghai Teachers Training Center and Shanghai College Teachers Training Center. SNU now has two campuses: Xuhui covering an area of 700 Mu (equal to 1/15 of a hectare or 1/6 an acre), and Fengxian 1, 800 Mu.

Shanghai Normal University

SNU is abundant in teaching resources. While Xuhui features antique atmosphere, Fengxian is comparatively of modern tint. SNU claims its unique lab center, gymnasium, and library for students’ amenities.

A key university in Shanghai, SNU is a comprehensive local university with salient features of teacher training and particular strength in liberal arts. SNU boasts 84 undergraduate majors, 104 disciplines qualified to confer master’s degrees, and 22 for doctoral degree, and 6 for post-doctor stations. SNU also boasts 2 top level discipline for doctor's degree, and 5 professional degrees for master's programs. SNU has a teaching staff number of 2,982, and 1,722 professional teachers.

There are 13 Shanghai Key disciplines, 15 Key Disciplines of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, 3 Shanghai Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences of Universities in Shanghai, 2 Shanghai Key Labs, and 1 Key Lab of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

SNU prides on the national key subject, state key disciplines, e-research college in shanghai, key discipline and education programs of shanghai, key lab funded by China Ministry of education, and key lab funded by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

With a global view, SNU has established communications with over 200 universities and academic institutions from 30 countries. SNU has shouldered a series of international cooperation programs with the US, Germany and Japan. Moreover, a few Confucius Institutes have been established in Asia, Africa and America. Every year, more than 2,000 foreign students choose to study in SNU, and SNU teachers visit and study in universities abroad. SNU students do internship overseas. Over 100 foreign teachers teach in SNU and the affiliated departments. The biannual SNU International Arts Festival staged a unique cultural ambience.

Shanghai Normal University

In order to serve international students better, our university has founded the International Students Office subordinated the International Exchange Division for consulting the related policies, transacting the admission procedure, making the certificates, applying for the degrees and the diplomas, and the management of students affairs. Meanwhile, in International Students Center (ISC), we supply facilities covering Internet, Study, Gymnasium and Lounge.

International College of Chinese Studies (ICCS) is the particular college to provide Chinese language programs to international students in SNU. With the first-class teaching faculty, ICCS attracts nearly 2,000 international students from more than 40 countries all over the world every year.

ICCS provides short-term Chinese programs, long-term Chinese programs, Bachelor's degree programs, Master's degree programs and Ph. D. programs. ICCS is one of the official training bases for Chinese teachers and principals of overseas Chinese schools authorized by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of National Council.

ICCS is one of the official test centers of National HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi: Chinese Proficiency Test), National R&D Center of HSK (Tourism) and New HSK (Advanced Level). ICCS has Shanghai Key Discipline of TCFL (Teach Chinese as a Foreign Language), Institute of Applied Linguistics of Shanghai Key Research Base and the journal of Research on Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

ICCS has rich resources of teaching staff and 90% of them have overseas teaching experience. ICCS has completed and is conducting many national and municipal research projects. ICCS boasts its unique language environment with both Chinese students and international students studying in the same college. Lots of interactions are encouraged among students to create multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment.

Shanghai Normal University


1. Shanghai Government Scholarship

1) Class A —For Master's applicants and Ph. D. applicants (Covering Tuition fee, accommodation, medical insurance)

2) Class B —For undergraduates, Master and Ph. D. applicants (Covering Tuition fee)

3) Class C —For registered undergraduates, Masters Ph. D. students (about RMB 5,000 per year per student)

2. National Scholarships

(SHNU is one of the authorized universities to accept international students sponsored by national scholarships)

1) Confucius Institute Scholarship/ Hanban Scholarship

Applicants should apply for Confucius Institute Scholarship On-line: http://cis.chinese.cn.

Headquarter of Confucius Institute in Beijing is in charge of Confucius Institute Scholarship.

Website for Hanban Scholarships: http://english.hanban.edu.cn/jiangxuejin.php

Hanban in Beijing is in charge of Hanban Scholarship.

2) Chinese Government Scholarship

For Chinese Government Scholarship, students should apply to Chinese embassy or consulate in their own countries. China Scholarship Council in Beijing is charge of Chinese Government Scholarship.

Website for Chinese Government Scholarship: http://en.csc.edu.cn/Laihua/


Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)

Chinese Language

Chinese Language and Culture

Chinese Literature

Literature of Drama, Film and TV

Chinese as a Foreign Language

Editing and Publishing


Classic Philology

Social Work

Archival Science

Public Relationship


Cultural Industry



Ideology and Politics



Human Resource


Labor and Social Security


Electronic Business

Real-estate Management

Financial Management

Real-estate Assessment



Public Administration

Primary Education

Applied Psychology

Pre-school Education


Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Information and Computer Science



Computer Science and Technology

Education Technology

Telecommunication Engineering




Food Science and Engineering


Science Education

Environmental Engineering

Applied Chemistry

Chemical and Engineering Technology


Economics and Management of Exhibition

Tourism Management

Geographical Information System

Environment of Recourse and Urban & Rural Planning

Machine Designing & Manufacturing and Automation

Electronic Information Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Automation

Automotive Service Engineering

Engineering Management

Civil Engineering



Financial Engineering



Sports Education

Social Sports



Music Performance

Recording Arts

Fine Arts

Oil Painting


Art Design


Art of Performance

Designing and Directing of Film & TV

Recording and Emcee

Master’s Degree (3 years)/General Scholar (1-2 years)

Chinese Philosophy

Marxism Philosophy

Foreign Philosophy




Philosophy of Science Technology

Political Economics

National Economics

Industry Economics


History of Law


Foreign and Domestic Political System

Socialism and Communism Movement

The History of Chinese Communism Party

International Politics

International Relationship


Marxism Principles

History of Marxism’s Development

Research of Chinese Marxism

Research of Foreign Marxism


Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

Education History

Comparative Education

Preschool Education

Advanced Education

Adult Education

Career Education

Basic Psychology

Developing and Education Psychology

Applied Psychology

Sports Education

Sports Training

Literal Arts

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Chinese Character

Chinese Classical Philology

Chinese Ancient Literature

Chinese Modern Literature

Chinese Minor Language

Comparative and World Literature

Urban Culture

English Language and Literature

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics



Find Arts

Design Arts

Film and TV Arts

Theory and History of Historiography

Historical Philology

Special History

Chinese Ancient History

Modern and Contemporary History

World History

Basic Mathematics

Computational Mathematics

Probability and Mathematical Statistics

Applied Mathematics

Operations Research and Control Theory

Theoretical Physics

Inorganic Chemistry

Analysis Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Polymeric Chemistry and Physics


Natural Geography

Human Geography






Biochemistry and Hydrobiology

Education Technology

Computer Software and Theory

Applied Computer Technology

Environmental Science

Telecommunication and Information System

Applied Chemistry

Industrial Catalysis

Tourism Management


Education Economics and Management

Doctoral Degree (3 Years)/Senior Scholar(1-2 Years)

Chinese Philosophy

Research on Chinese Marxism

Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

Psychology of Development and Education

Literal Arts

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Chinese Graphology

Chinese Classical Philology

Chinese Ancient Literature

Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature

Chinese Minor Language and Literature

Comparative and World Literature

Urban Culture

Theory and History of Historiography

Historical Philology

Special History

Chinese Ancient History

Chinese Ancient and Contemporary History

World History

Computational Mathematics

Environmental Science

Registration Fee:RMB 450 Yuan

Tuition Fee:Yuan/Year

Language Student: RMB 17600(General Chinese)

RMB 34000(Intensive Chinese)

Bachelor Student: RMB 20000(Bachelor of Arts ) RMB 20800(Bachelor of Science)

RMB 25000(Bachelor of Sports & Art)

Master Student: RMB 22400(Master of Arts)

RMB 23200(Master of Science)

RMB 30000(Master of Sports & Art)

Doctoral Student: RMB 23500(Doctor of Arts)

RMB 26500 (Doctor of Science)

Teaching Materials: charged as the real price of textbooks

Accommodation: Double Room:RMB 40-80Yuan/Person/Day

Single Room:RMB 75-83Yuan/Day

Contact Information

International Students Office, Shanghai Normal University, No.100 Guilin Rd. Shanghai 200234 P.R. China





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