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Liaoning Normal University
2009-Dec-22 17:33:07


1. Courses for Bachelor level:

The following courses are for undergraduate students: Intensive Reading, Chinese Speaking, Chinese Listening, Chinese Reading, Chinese Writing, Translation, Extensive Reading, Newspaper Reading, History of Chinese Culture, History of Philosophy, History of Literature, Chinese history, Chinese Folk Tradition, Chinese Contemporary Economic, Spoken Chinese on Trade and Economy, Writing Practice on Trade, Trade Practices, Chinese Phonetics, Chinese Characters, Lexicology, Chinese Grammar and Ancient Chinese language, etc.

2. Courses for elementary level:

Intensive Reading, Speaking, Listening, Reading, etc.

3. Courses for intermediate level:

Intensive Reading, Speaking, Listening, Newspapers Reading, Chinese Writing, etc.

4. Courses for advanced level: Intensive Reading, Speaking, Listening, Newspapers Reading, Chinese riting,Topics, etc.

5. Courses for business program:

Intensive Reading, Listen and Say, Listening, Writing Practice on trade, Trade Practices, etc.

6. Courses for Short-term basis program: Intensive Reading, Speaking, Extensive Reading, Speech sound of Chinese, Chinese Characters, Chinese Grammar, Tai Chi, Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Chinese ethnic musical instruments playing, etc.

7. Optional Courses:

Writing Practice on Foreign Trade, Trade Practice, Chinese Film Appreciation, Chinese Art Appreciation, Chinese Grammar, Chinese Speech Sound, Listen and Say in English, Chinese Culture and Art Appreciation, the Appreciation of The Poems of the Tang Dynasty and The Lyrics of the Song Dynasty, the Training of the Sense of Chinese Language, Lectures on Speech Delivery, etc.

8. The extra-curriculum courses:

Paper Cutting, Chinese Cooking, Calligraphy, Tai Chi, Painting, Erhu Instrument Playing, Tennis Playing, Dancing, Comedy Playing, Drama, Peking Opera, Chinese Songs, Chinese Folk Tradition, etc.

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