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Social Development

Situation in China’s population and employment in 2003 and prospects for 2004


In 2003, China's population continued to increase, unbalanced infant gender ratio remained, rural population continued to migrate to urban areas, the aging group took a increased percentage in the population, aggregate supply and demand of labor force grew.

The targets and index system in building a well-off society on all fronts


According to the contents and targets of "building the well-off society on all fronts", it is suggested that the index system of a well-off society should have 16 indicators covering economy, society, environment and institutions, with 4 in economy, 7 in society, 3 in environment and 2 in institution.

Rationalize electricity price and strengthen electric network construction to facilitate sustained and healthy development of the national economy


More investment to the electric network is needed to secure a stable and safe operation of the power supply system and to facilitate the sustained and healthy development of the national economy.

Community service provides job opportunities for women


The article gave an overall introduction of the development trend and basic characteristics for women employment since reform and opening up as well as the impact of economic transformation on women employment.

Views and comments on "city management"


City management can be essentially divided into two kinds: "fund acquisition-oriented management" and "service efficiency-oriented management".

Traffic contradictions in big cities and countermeasures for alleviation


With the development of urbanization and the concentration of people in big cities and with the possession of cars by more families, the traffic contradictions have become all the more fiercer.

The key for solving unemployment issue lies in the development of a new type and human-based industrialization


The grim situation of unemployment is mainly embodied in the combination of urban unemployment and rural unemployment.

An urgent need for the establishment of an effective regional coordination mechanism


At present, many issues in regional economic development are related to the inadequate development of regional coordination mechanism.