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Social Development

Urban and rural demand for education and policy suggestions (No 153, 2014)


A household survey in 2013 showed that half of China's urban and rural people are satisfied with their education.

Play the government's guiding role in ecological efforts (No 144, 2014)


Ecological efforts, working out the correct space layout, resource conservation, ecological environmental protection, and system construction, should act as the guiding force of government as well as the role of the market.

Suggestions on China's poor quality waste plastics for energy use


The disposal of waste plastics is an environmental problem drawing wide attention in society.

China's green economic development measure and policy interpretation


To explore the influences on China's green economy in different regions, this study used a green economic development measure index system.

Urban social management innovation based on people's livelihood


Since March 2012, Dalian city's Xigang district set up a "365 Citizen Building" which opens 24 hours, 365 days, to provide citizens with convenient services, and established a working system.

Preschool needs more healthcare staff


A recent survey of kindergarten healthcare staff has found many problems, such as not enough full-time staff, lower education levels, less professional competence, and in particular, a shortage of staff.

Smoking and its Social Costs


It is clear that smoking does immense harm to people's health in general and increases the burden on medical services, and it results in huge financial losses because early death.

The Key Issues in Changing Government Functions


China has seen some progress in changing its government functions, since the reforms and opening up started in the late 70s, especially during the 16th National Congress of CPC, in 2012.