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Meng Chun

Policy Advice for Promoting the Sound Development of Government-led Funds in China(No.54, 2016)


As an innovative means of encouraging venture capital and promoting the development of strategic emerging industries, the development of government-led funds has the general features of policy products.

Suggestions on promoting affordable housing construction by means of PPP model


China is now undertaking arduous work in affordable housing construction.

International experience and implications of PPP models


A Public—Private—Partnership (PPP) refers to cooperation between government and the private sector in providing goods and services.

Suggestions on power and expenditure responsibility separation


Separating power in a scientific way and making power commensurate with expenditure responsibility are an important part of a modern fiscal system.

The Practice of Innovating Agricultural Operating Organization in Jinghai County, Tianjin, and the Enlightenment


Compared with traditional decentralized operations, new agricultural operating organizations will help improve economies of scale and labor productivity, enhance the ability to resist natural risks and market risks, promote rural development, and increase agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income.