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Resources and Environment Policies

Research Fellows

The research fellows of the Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies include:

--- Gao Shiji, director-general, research fellow

--- Gu Shuzhong, vice-director-general, research fellow

--- Li Zuojun, vice-director-general, research fellow

--- Guo Jiaofeng, assistant to the director-general, research fellow

--- Cheng Huiqiang, assistant to the director-general, research fellow

--- Hong Tao, senior economist

--- Chen Jianpeng, associate research fellow

--- Niu Xiong, associate research fellow

--- Wang Yinan, research fellow

--- Wang Haiqin, associate research fellow

--- Zhao Jianhua, senior economist

--- Shi Rong, senior economist

--- Hao Chunyan, senior economist

--- He Shaowei, editor

--- Zhang Liang, assistant research fellow

--- Li Weiming, assistant research fellow

--- Wu Ping, assistant research fellow

--- Wu Xu, assistant research fellow

--- Wang Yufei, assistant economist