Daming Palace
Brief Introduction of Daming Palace National Heritage Park

3. Back Garden: The garden includes the backyard Palace surrounding Taiye Pool and the folder city area as the social life theme exhibition area, displaying the historical life of both royal family and ordinary people during the Tang Dynasty. The Key Relics include Taiye Pool, Penglai Mountain, Qingsi Palace, Sanqing Palace, Dafu Palace, Xuanwu Gate, Qingxiao Gate, Yinhan Gate, Chongxuan Gate and Jiuxian Gate.

Brief Introduction of Daming Palace National Heritage Park

According to historical and archeological research, the outlook of Daming Palace National Heritage Park can be generalized as "One -Axle, Three- Districts".

“One- Axle” referes to the route starting from Danfeng Gate in the south, passing through Hanyuan Palace, Zichen Palace, to Taiye Pool. It is regarded as the main spatial axis of Daming Palace.

The “Three Districts” maintain the historical spatial framework, namely the Front Garden, Palace and Palace Garden.

This design enables visitors to enjoy the beauty of relics from different perspectives.

Front Garden: The garden area that welcomes visitors into the Park keeps a broad space between Hanyuan Palace and Danfeng Gate, and maintains a haunting historical atmosphere. Locust trees and willows are planted to extend the green belt of ancient Chang’an in Tang Dynasty

Palace: With Hanyuan Palace, Xuanzheng Palace and Zichen Palace as its central areas, the Palace maintains good court space, architectural scale and relic appearance. Pines and bamboos are planted, decorated with plum blossoms, pear blossoms and osmanthus blossoms.

Back Garden: The garden surrounds Taiye Pool and has a sensible layout with varying flowers and plants. The splendid royal garden is reproduced in accordance with the historical record, including a peony garden, chrysanthemum garden, plum garden, rose garden, bamboo garden, almond garden, peach garden and persimmon garden.

Between the four sides of the Palace and the city roads, a beautiful array of locust trees, willows, flowers and bushes are planted as a protective green belt around the palace grounds.

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