Alliance formed to grow shipbuilding sector2015-12-23

The China Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Industry Intellectual Property Alliance was founded in Beijing.

Zone opens three service agencies2015-11-25

The Tianjin Intellectual Property Office, the government of Tianjin's Binhai New Area and the administration of the Tianjin Free Trade Zone announced the establishment of three intellectual property service agencies the free trade zone.

First technical investigator assists at Beijing hearing2015-10-28

The Beijing Intellectual Property Court had a technical investigator participate in a hearing for the first time on Thursday.

Patents take the spotlight at high-tech hub2015-10-21

Thousands of patents were traded during a patent exhibition week to boost research and development in the technology hub.

Focused Haidian area 'fully mature' after 2 years' development2015-10-14

A focused intellectual property area in Beijing is fully mature after about two year's development and aims to be a site where IP is well respected and used, said Wang Ying, IP chief in Haidian district.

Platform integrates smart healthcare services2015-09-30

An intellectual property operation platform for smart healthcare was recently established at the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park.

Exhibit glimpses into future of farming with unique crops2015-09-30

Visitors to an agricultural exhibition in Beijing's Changping district last week were surprised by giant mushrooms, dark blue goldfish, vegetables grown in pyramid-shaped greenhouses.

'Free Stuff is the Most Expensive'2015-09-11

According to the statistics, by the end of June 2014, China has got a total of 14,257,000 trademark applications and 9,075,000 registrations, ranked 1st for 12 consecutive years in the world.

Shanghai puts IP development in global perspective2014-12-09

Shanghai's International Intellectual Property (IP) Forum, was held in the Jin Jiang Hotel, Dec 8-9.

Successful marketing stems from “details”2014-06-23

Recently, a question was asked for people to recommend new-energy cars. Surprisingly, respondents gave the answer “Tesla” almost in unison.

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The J-Innovation

Steve Jobs died the month that the latest Nobel Prize winners were announced. The coincidence lends itself to speculation about inevitability.

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