South Korea2012-12-26

International patent disputes soar


“Australian Made” registered as a trademark in China

U.S.Patent dispute between Samsung and Apple leaves sequela2012-12-26

The patent dispute between Samsung and Apple was temporarily concluded with an award of 1.015 billion USD compensation to be paid to Apple.


Hadopi blamed for low efficiency

Analysis of State of Washington Law: analysis and checklist of IP liability in US States2012-12-26

Recently China IP magazine was one of the first IP journals to cover a new IP trend in U.S. law.

New generic top level domains2012-10-31

Next year brand owners will need to decide if they want to protect and promote their brands by registering new domain names under one of the more than hundreds of new open domain name extensions such as .shop, .eco

Analyzing commercial success of inventions in China2012-10-30

When Julio Franco debuted in Major League Baseball in April 1982, he brought with him a solid shortstop's throwing arm, basestealing speed, and one of the most unusual batting stances ever seen in the profession.

Global News2012-06-13

Ukraine launches WTO dispute with Australia over tobacco packaging law

Observation and case-study for overcoming provision refusals in trademark practice in CIS member states2012-06-01

The Common wealth of Independent States (CIS) was established in 1991 as a regional organization with participating countries of the former Soviet Union (SU) and unites 11 states with a cumulative population of about 280 million.

Will the America Invents Act strengthen the U.S. patent system?2012-03-12

The America Invents Act ("Act") is the most sweeping revision of U.S. patent law in 60 years and changes the patent system in several important ways

The J-Innovation

Steve Jobs died the month that the latest Nobel Prize winners were announced. The coincidence lends itself to speculation about inevitability.

Volunteer team bails out busy court

Government supports unique intellectual property fund

IP service providers showcase products

Experts call for standardization of IP services