Correction of Obvious Defects in the Claims in Patent-related Court Proceedings2016-03-09

Name: Shi Bisheng

Title: Adjunct Professor of China University of Political Science and Law; LLD; Columnist of China IP

Legal Protection of Drug Insert Sheet2015-09-11

It is necessary to grant protection for experimental data contained in drug insert sheet on one hand; and that there is culpability in the sense of law in some enterprises’ pursuit of competitive advantage through unfair means on the other hand; and that both sides need to be adjusted by law.

Three Basic Preconditions for Amending Patent Application Files2015-09-11

The recent years have witnessed more administrative disputes in patent granting and validation due to changes to patent application files. The disputes are often found to be on how to understand and apply Article 33 of the Patent Law.

A perspective of anti-unfair competition on the protection of foreign enterprise names in China2014-08-28

Name:Chen Shaojuan

Title:Shanghai Office of Beijing Unitalen Law Firm

The application of exclusionary principle of patentable subject matter: a perspective from american case of Mayo2014-04-01

Name:Song Jianbao

Title:Associate Researcher at the Intellectual Property Center of Ministry of Science and Technology of China, postdoctor at China Institute of Applied Jurisprudence of Supreme People’s Court of PRC

Overseas Protection of Chinese Trademarks under the WTO Regime2014-03-28

Name:Lou Hong

Title:JSD Candidate, Senior Research Associate, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong

IP Protection for Magic Art: Reality and Possibility2014-03-28

Name:Yang Jin,Li Ning

Title:Coordination Division of Beijing Intellectual Property Office, Master of Law from Munich Intellectual Property Law Center, Germany

Priority verification in different phases during patent examination2014-03-27

Name:Sun Guohui,Li Bin

Title:Patent Examiner, Patent Examination Cooperation Center of the Patent Office, SIPO, Beijing

Time difference considerations and conversions in the United States, Japan and the Europe2014-01-20

Name:Li Yan, Sun Fangtao

Title:Assistant Researcher, Patent Examination Cooperation Beijing Center, Patent Office, SIPO

Patent game in the LCD industry2013-12-30

Nname: Wang Ji

Title:Photoelectric Inventions Examination Department, Patent Office, State Intellectual Property Office

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