Land Rover sues2011-05-03

In March Land Rover of the United Kingdom sued the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of China (TRAB), requesting the latter to determine the squatting of the “陆虎” (LUHU) trademark by Geely and cancel the registration of this trademark.

Huawei, Motorola dial in settlement deal2011-04-20

China's leading telecom equipment company Huawei Technologies announced on April 13 that it has reached a settlement with its former partner Motorola Solutions in a far-reaching dispute over intellectual property.

Tianjin watchmaker sets record straight in Switzerland2011-04-13

In just 48 hours, the Chinese watch company Tianjin Sea-Gull Corp prevailed in an intellectual property dispute last month in Basel, Switzerland, where it was taking part in an annual international watch and jewelry fair.

ZTE files lawsuit over patent2011-04-12

ZTE Corp on Monday filed a lawsuit in China against a unit of its Swedish rival Telefon AB LM Ericsson over alleged patent infringement

Police capture fake Apple gang2011-04-01

Police said on Thursday that they have broken a gang of six people who sold fake iPhone4s, iPads and other electronic products worth more than 5 million yuan ($764,000).

Liabilities of PPC Bids Managers2011-03-06

In the case, however, contrary to its promise, Baidu Time argued that it was able to examine keywords for pornographic, gambling or controlled substance information, or infringement upon well-known trademarks, but unable to verify infringement upon regular trademarks or business names.

The importance of counsel opinions in the US Patent Law after Broadcom v. Qualcomm2011-03-06

If sued, a defendant may produce such opinion of counsel in court as evidence to prove good-faith reliance on the professional opinion that the patent is invalid or not infringed, and to exonerate itself from the bad-faith intent to infringe.

Jianghuai and Dayun starts a defensive war on Auto trademark protection2011-03-01

Auto market is witnessing hot competition, such as trademark disputes involving with “捷跑JIEPAO” and “捷豹JIEBAO,” “BMW” and “BYD.”

Five predictions about the Apple Peel 5202011-03-01

Whenever fashionable people become immersed in their own worlds holding their iPhones and wearing the earphones, people can’t help to glance at them sideways, not in amazement of how chic they are, but in hopes of getting a glimpse of the iPhones.

Traditional folk art suffers IP embarrassment2011-03-01

Most of the traditional folk arts which survive the tide of industrialization and maketization are often trapped in the vortex of intellectual property issues.

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The J-Innovation

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