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Updated : 2015-06-09

Forms and effects of wills

In accordance with the provision of Article 17 of the Law of Succession, there are altogether 5 forms of wills, and they are respectively: (1) notarial will; (2) testator-written will; (3) will written on behalf of the testator; (4) will made in the form of a sound-recording; and (5) nuncupative will, that is, special will made by the testator in an emergency situation having no enough time to make a will in other forms.

Among these five forms of wills, the notarial will is of the highest effect, and if a person made several wills, and one of them is a notarial will, the succession shall be executed according to the notarial will; where there is no notarial will, the contents of the several wills are conflicting with each other, the last will shall prevail.