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Updated : 2015-06-09

Withdrawal from adoption

Withdrawal from adoption refers to the suspension of the procedure for examination and approval of the adoption application documents in light of the application for cancelling the adoption filed by the adoption families and returning the documents to the adoption organizations. Handling of the withdrawal from adoption needs the adoption organization to submit to the office of the Center the letter applying for the handling of withdrawal from adoption (the original copy and the copy in Chinese), and the letter should identify: (1) title: Letter on Application for the Adoption Procedure; (2) name of the organization submitting the documents of adoption application; (3) name of the adoption family (it is required to be consistent with the name on the visa); (4) date of registering the document of the application filed by the adoption family in the Center; (5) reasons for the adoption family to withdraw from adoption; (6) opinions of the adoption organization; (7) signature of persons responsible for the adoption organization of the Chinese project; and (8) application letter from the adoption family to the adoption organization.