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Updated : 2015-06-09

Problems to which attention should be paid when preparing the adoption application documents

When preparing the adoption application documents, attention should be paid to the following problems: (1) The age of the adopters must meet the requirement. The Center does not accept application filed by the adopters whose ages do not meet the requirement. (2) There must be complete and effective certificate of health examination. The Adoption Law provides that the adopter suffers “no illness which is deemed medically as inappropriate for the adopter to adopt children.” The evaluation rules of the Center provides that the adoption applicant shall provide a certificate of health examination issued by the licensed doctor; long-term use of certain drugs by the adoption applicant and specification of the name and use of the drugs; specialized examination report issued by the licensed doctor if the adoption applicant once suffered certain serious illness or had surgery. (3) The family situation report shall be authentic and reliable. The adoption organization shall conduct the family investigation earnestly in accordance with the requirements of the evaluation rules and the family report must be the true reflection of the family situation of the adopters.

[Note] The adoption application must contain a statement ensuring that the adopters shall not abandon and abuse the adopted children, a statement ensuring that the adopted children shall enjoy equal rights with the natural children and ensuring the raising, education and the health growth of the adopted children; the families that have a criminal record or had been punished must explain the punishment imposed on them, reasons and time being assessment, and whether they have shown repentance and reformed themselves as well as the evaluation of the families by the social workers; the family situation report shall indicate the guardians and agreement between the organization and the family mediation organ, etc.; the photocopy of passport shall not be blurred, and shall not be stapled together with other documents for easy reference; the bareheaded photos shall be regular and clear, two bareheaded photos shall be put into the bag of passport photos, and the bareheaded photos photocopied on ordinary papers and the life photos shall not be submitted to the Center; and shall not send the government’s approval of adoption in other countries to the Center. Before submitting the adoption application documents to the Center, the adoption organizations shall earnestly examine whether the adoption application documents are complete and effective and the examination and approval of the adoption application documents should not be influenced by the incomplete documents.