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Improvements in healthcare after president Xi's visit

Source: en.nhfpc.gov.cn

Updated: 2015-11-09

In a Sino-UK declaration on a 21st century global strategic partnership, the two countries agreed to learn from each other in health care, urbanization, and science to improve public welfare and communications in medicine and health policy, and do joint studies to with global health challenges.

Bilateral agreement

China Construction Bank, China Regenerative Medicine International, and the University of Oxford have a new deal on an R&D center, with enterprises and universities from Britain and China signing agreements in health, medical treatment, research, hospital construction, education, diagnoses, and drug R&D.

Bilateral cooperation

At a dialogue on on Sept 17 at the Royal College of Surgeons, China’s Vice-premier Liu Yandong spoke about greater health cooperation , new forms of people-to-people and cultural exchanges, health reforms, health policy formulation, and personnel training. Liu said that China is determined to build a multi-level medical care and service system and hopes to learn from the UK's experience. She suggested a trilateral team from China, the UK, and the WHO to help with this system.

Scientific research cooperation and economic and social development

Health is a new area of economic growth and the life sciences and biotechnology have become an important industry. Medical research should be increased and there should be greater innovation and industrial improvements to provide better technology for medical care and disease prevention and controls.

Global health cooperation facing new challenges

Globalization is increasing and any public health problem can become a global problem. China is willing to cooperate with the UK through various institutions, such as the WHO, on new measures and initiatives in developing countries for healthcare, public health, and global emergency response, and bring the benefits of Sino-UK cooperation to more developing countries.


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