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2014 report on Chinese resident’s chronic disease and nutrition

Source: en.nhfpc.gov.cn

Updated: 2015-06-15

Third, chronic disease prevention will be pushed forward. Education will be publicized. Healthy lifestyle campaigns will cover nearly 80 percent of counties across China. Health literacy, healthy China tour and traditional Chinese medicine will be pushed ahead to improve public knowledge and chronic disease prevention and treatment. Early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, as well as screening and intervention programs for cerebral apoplexy, cardiovascular and oral diseases will be carried out. Efforts will be made to explore early intervention technology for chronic disease. Diagnosis and treatment guidelines, technical operation codes and clinical pathways for major chronic diseases will be formulated and amended to strengthen quality control and evaluation, standardize diagnosis and treatment behavior, and improve diagnosis and treatment technology and management.

Fourth, scientific prevention and treatment decisions for chronic disease will be improved. Departments will work together to formulate plans for prevention and treatment, as well as campaigns against cancer. Chronic disease work goals, tasks and measures will be determined. The NHFPC will continue to improve monitoring networks, expand content and range, and monitor of causes of death, tumor registration, and chronic disease and nutrition. The work will offer scientific proof for understanding public chronic disease and nutrition development, evaluating prevention and treatment effect, and formulating relevant policy.

Dear media friends, chronic disease prevention and control and nutrition improvement matters to public health and happiness. We hope you all can publicize related information to help create a good atmosphere where the whole society cares for, pays attention to and supports health development.

Now, my colleagues and I will answer your questions. Thank you.

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