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Wanda to build cultural tourism town on the bank of Chaohu Lake
Updated: 2013-10-22

A splendid cultural tourism town will be erected on the bank of Chaohu Lake in the near future.

Wanda Group successfully won the bid for 44.4 hectares of land on the afternoon of October 17. Wanda Group will tranform the land into a cultural tourism town. It is learned that the cultural tourism town, as the biggest one in East China, has four centers of culture, tourism, business and life.

It is expected that the it can receive 100 thousands tourists every day after the completion of the project. It is introduced that the annual tourism revenue will reach 5 billion yuan ($821 million) and the project can directly create 30 thoudands jobs.

In addition, Wanda will build the biggest star-level hotel group in East China. The hotel group, covering an area of 380 thousand square meters, includes one 6-star hotel, one 5-star hotel, two 4-star hotels and three 3-star hotels.