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The colorful city of Huainan
Updated: 2013-08-28

The colorful city of Huainan

Visitors who come to Huainan for the first time may all share a common feeling: is this a city of coalmine? Wherever you go, you can always enjoy the magnificent scenery of lakes and mountains.

In Wangqing Valley, ancient trees tower to the skies, where birds sing and butterflies dance; in Lejiantao mountain stream, the stretching verdant woods are intoxicating; Wolong Mountain features with picturesque rivers and mountains; Maoxian Cave is full of ancient characteristics and legends. In Gaotang Lake, mists and waves stretch far into the distance like a dreamland; Jiaogang Lake is considered as a mysterious virgin land of ecological tourism, where vast reed marshes and lotus creek bring in the infinite fun of agri-tourism.

The site of ancient Shouzhou Kiln has a long history with profound culture. Dongshan Mountain Park, Longhu Park, Shangyao Forest Park are great sightseeing stands and excellent stages for tourists. In Huainan, you can enjoy spectacular scenery and have a great time.

The colorful city of Huainan

Huainan enjoys a unique history and culture. In 1978, paleontological fossil formed in 800 million years ago was found in Huainan, which pushes the timeline of the life origin forward to 200 million years ago, compared with Darwin's assumption of less than 6 million years.

The method of making tofu began from Prince Liu An of Huainan, the grandson of Emperor Liu Bang, in the Han Dynasty, who was eager to learn the magical art of immortality and recorded the invention of tofu in 45 classical works; China Tofu Festival has become one of the top ten potential brand festivals. The famous ancient book Huai Nan Tzu, the thought in which covers the sky and the earth, the antiquity and the present, set up the complete 'twenty-four solar terms' for the first time.

The ancient battlefield of the Fei River Battle, the site of ancient Shouzhou Kiln, ancient Maoxian Taoism Temple, the cluster of paleontological fossil, the cluster of ancient tombs, and the 'five antiques and one treasure' of Bagongshan tofu are all precious resources. The profound historical culture blends with modern art of flower-drum-lantern dance and children's art, while the Buddhist culture and Taoist culture echo with each other.

The colorful city of Huainan

The landscape of Huainan has its unique beauty. The three mountains of Bagong Mountain, Shungeng Mountain, Shangyao Mountain stand tall, the three waters of the Huai river, Gaotang Lake, Wabu Lake surround the city, which form a unique feature of mountains, waters, woods and the city. Bagong Mountain area is a national geological park, national forest park, 4A-graded tourism scenic spot, which is honored as the most famous mountain in North Anhui.

Jiaogang Lake, a 4A-graded tourism scenic spot where fishery develops, is called a 'huge wetland of the Huai River'; Shangyao national forest park, another 4A-graded tourism scenic spot with luxuriant pine woods, is located in the ancient town Shangyao; the secluded ancient Maoxian Cave is adjacent to the biggest gorge of the Huai River. Huainan enjoys titles of 'an outstanding tourist city of China', 'national park city', 'advanced greening city in plain area', 'advanced city with scientific and technological progress', 'model city supported by both military and civilian' of China.

The industrial mine tourism has its own charisma. The coalmine of Huainan boasts a history of centuries and stretches over hundred kilometers, where located the site of Jiulonggang mine exploited before 1949, modern mine shaft of 1980s, and the mine equipped with the most advanced facilities of the 21 century. There are also electrical and chemical engineering resource for tourism, which will be developed into products like manufacture technique tour, production scene tour and hi-tech tour. In 2012, the coalmine tour launched by Huainan will become a highlight of tourism in Anhui.

The 'red tourism' resource in Huainan is also distinctive. The education hall of the 'massive grave' in Datong, and the memorial woods of New Fourth Army are famous patriotic educational bases. The 'massive grave' is the only completely preserved site in Anhui, and one of the few sites in China, which is not only a famous scenic spot, but also a symbol of the coal culture. A visit to the site can remind you of Chinese history and national disgrace, let you recall the great feats of the gallant martyrs, and thus receive a mental baptism.

The colorful city of Huainan

The modern, stylish and dynamic tourism of Huainan is coming to you. The animation and cartoon tourism of Huainan has its own characteristics. Covering an area of 1000 mu with an investment of 6 billion yuan, the Titanark theme park will open in the first half of 2012, which is a cultural and scientific animation industrial park with the themes of originality, science and technology, fun, adventure and vogue. The dozens of experiencing items can stimulate your sensual excitement and set free infinite passion. The TV and Film City of Jiaogang Lake is not only a national creative base of micro-film, but also a shooting base for large scaled films and TV series. You can experience the feeling of being a director as well as an actor.