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The World Heritage Site Tour
Updated: 2012-05-23

Destination: Mt.Huangshan, Yixian, Tunxi        
Duration: 5 days

The World Heritage Site Tour

The World Heritage Site Tour

This trip boasts of the most beautiful landscapes and brilliant culture in East China. You will enjoy your trip to Mt. Huangshan a famous World Cultural and Natural Heritage site and a Global Geopark, and another world heritage site Xidi Hongcun, two well-preserved ancient villages for several hundred years old, which are considered a wonder in the history of architecture due to their grotesque designs. Besides, you'll have a chance of touring the ancient Tunxi Street and buy some souvenir there.

Day 1 Fly to Tunxi—the seat of Huangshan city government,which lies in the southern part of Anhui province -After arrival, hotel in.

Recommended Hotel:Huangshan Golf Hotel [5 Star]

Day 2 After having breakfast in the hotel, drive to the Cloud Valley Cableway Stop. After arrival, head for【White Goose Ridge】by cableway from there, then successively pay a visit to the following attractions:【Shixin (Beginning to Believe) Peak】-【Lion Peak Scenic Area】-【West Sea Scenic Area-Cloud Dispersing Pavilion】and etc.

Recommended Hotel: Xihai hotel [4 Star]

Day 3 Watch sunrise on the【Lion Peak Scenic Area-Refreshing Terrace】early in the morning, then go back to the hotel to have breakfast After breakfast, set out to visit【Flying Stone Scenic Area】-【Bright Summit Scenic Area】-【Sky Sea Scenic Area】-【Jade Screen Pavilion】etc.

Recommended Hotel: Huangshan Beihai Hotel [4 Star]

Day 4 After breakfast, visit the typical pine of Mt. Huangshan, you can take photos there and then down the mountain by Cloud Valley Cableway - Bus to Hongcun and pay a visit to the World Cultural Heritage【Hongcun Village】and lunch there. In the afternoon, pay a visit to 【XidiVillage】, then hotel check in and have dinner.

Recommended Hotel: Jinling Yixian Hotel [4 Star]

Day 5 After breakfast, head for【Huashan Mysterious Grottoes】which is an ancient mystery with a history of 1700 years - Then visit【Tunxi Ancient Street】. After lunch, pack up and head for airport to return home. End of the pleasant journey!