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Three-day Conventional Tour to Mount Jiuhua
Updated: 2012-05-23

Destination: Mount Jiuhua        
Duration: 3 days

Three-day Conventional Tour to Mount Jiuhua

Day 1


Receive tour group at the entrance door to Mount Jiuhua, then visit【Jiuhua Street】which is famous for its Buddhism culture -【Huacheng Temple】-【Zhiyuan Temple】

Recommended Hotel:Dong Ya Hotel [4 Star]

Day 2

After breakfast, bus to【Heavenly Terrace Scenic Area】- Up and down the mountain by cableway to visit【Ancient Baijing Platform】-【Tiantai Summit】-【Thread of the Sky】- After lunch, visit【Flesh Shrine at the Jindizang Graveyard】-【Dizang Buddhist Temple】

Recommended Hotel:Julong Hotel [3 Star]

Day 3

After breakfast, visit【Baisui Palace】(Suggestion:up by cableway and down on foot)-【Hall of Five Hundred Arhats】-【Dongya Temple】-【Dabei Hall】

See off after lunch!