Northeast Asia to promote cross-border e-commerce

Updated: 2017-08-31

The 1st Northeast Asia Cross-border E-commerce Summit intending to increase cooperation among Northeast Asia countries will be held on Sept 1.

Themed on "digital ecology, global interconnection, industry & finance interaction, innovation & win-win results", the summit aims to accelerate the development of Jilin's cross-border e-commerce, promote and support e-commerce cooperation among countries in Northeast Asia, which would encourage more small and medium-sized enterprises to go global, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional foreign trade.

Jilin's cross-border e-commerce has burgeoned in recent years.

Take the Alibaba e-commerce platform for example. The province's cross-border e-commerce enterprises trading on Alibaba has tripled since 2016 to 247, according to statistics from the Commerce Department of Jilin Province.

In 2016, the platform's export volume achieved one billion yuan ($151.94 million) and it reached 900 million yuan in the first half of 2017.

Issues such as the trends of China's cross-border e-commerce, the integration and upgrading of Northeast Asia cross-border e-commerce and the ecological development of cross-border logistics will be discussed at the summit.

The summit will demonstrate the high-level, international perspective of Northeast Asia and the achievements of China's e-commerce development. About 1,200 industrial representatives from home and abroad will be in attendance.