A skating rink on every campus

Updated: 2017-03-11

Jilin should seize the opportunity presented by the 2020 Winter Olympic Games, which will be held in China, and promote ice sports culture to more people, suggested a Jilin deputy during a group discussion on March 5.

Ice and snow can be count as one of the special symbols of Jilin province -- ice and snow tourism and ice sports.

Yang Yang, a Jilin deputy and athlete who won China's first Winter Olympic golden medal, said "Ice and snow sports are always a traditional event in Jilin province and the rich ice resources should provide a good opportunity to offer professional guidance for people, particularly young people, to enjoy the sport."

Yang's career as a professional athlete was triggered when she took part in an adolescent ice-snow sports initiative. She stressed that every campus should have a skating rink.

Yang hopes that the government can further promote ice-snow activities and ensure every school has an ice arena, allowing every child in the province a chance to find their passion.

“Only by making sports and games a part of people's lives can we truly reflect the vitality of sports,” Yang added. "More sports games should be held to better promote the culture of Jilin."