Jilin: My Second Homeland

Update: 2016-07-19

I deeply accept Jilin in my inner world and I am an entrepreneur in Jilin. Among the businessmen in Jilin, there is such a group of people who were not born in Jilin but pay close attention to the development of Jilin all the time and play important roles in the economic development of Jilin.

They love this land and everything here. Zhao Tao is the president of Shandong Buchang Pharma. Established in 1993, this pharma is a domestically famous high-tech health industry company that integrates medicine research, production and sales and owns over 6000 staffs with branches located in the main Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong.

Jilin: My Second Homeland

Zhao Tao, president of Shandong Buchang Pharma. [Photo/chinajilin.com.cn]

Among the four main production bases of the company, it regards Jilin as its only base in the northeast region.

Why Do Entrepreneurs from Other Provinces 'Take Root' in Jilin?

Although Zhao Tao was not born in Jilin, he is the representative of the businessmen in Jilin. From investment in Jilin to high recommendation of Jilin, Zhao Tao has been attracted by the enthusiastic and forthright people in Jilin and thus has been tightly bound to the black soil with picturesque scenery.

Zhao Tao said as a businessman in Jilin, he has regarded Jilin as his second homeland; his heart has already been deeply engraved in Jilin. "I have been in Jilin for a long time and I am increasingly fond of the enthusiasm and heroic spirits of people in Jilin, which make me comfortable," Zhao Tao said. "I deeply accept Jilin in my inner world and regard myself as an entrepreneur in Jilin." His preliminary attachment to Jilin comes from one investment in 2011.

"In 2011, I invested 3 billion yuan in Tonghua and planned a project with the annual output of 10 billion yuan--Buchang Tonghua Biotech Park. It is one of the four industrial parks of Buchang Pharmacy nationwide. Hence Jilin takes up a quarter of our entire industry planning," Zhao Tao said.

Cooperation of the several years has made him know more about Jilin, have deeper attachment to Jilin and own greater confidence in his development in Jilin. "From the provincial government of Jilin to the local governments, the whole province is dedicated to building the big health and big pharmacy industry," Zhao Tao said. "Jilin has great resolutions and the government has strong sense of service. It has created good environments, especially the soft environment for economic development, which gives me much confidence in Jilin as well as solid resolution in my subsequent investment in Jilin."

The Real 'Name Card of Jilin'

"The other day, we have organized over 60 entrepreneurs to make investigations in Jilin, know more about the conditions on the spot and truly feeling the new relations between politicians and businessmen in Jilin and the soft environment of economic development," Zhao Tao said.

"This investigation makes many entrepreneurs re-know about Jilin. Hence they also have great confidence in investment." The current Zhao Tao is not merely a business in Jilin, but also a 'name card' that publicizes Jilin here and there. "I have an idea that investment in different places is to boost the local economic development, boost wealth increase of entrepreneurs, help improve the life quality and treatment of enterprise staffs and also gain satisfaction from investors, governments, the society and staffs. Therefore, I always regard recommendation of Jilin and its development as one of my missions," Zhao Tao said. "At present, we have invested in a mineral water enterprise in Antu; the project is of several billions. We will promote the water in Jilin to the high-end group and the high-end market so as to make the advantageous resources in Jilin boost its development. We will also seek for new investment projects in Jilin and meanwhile inspire other entrepreneurs to invest in Jilin."

For the future development of Jilin, Zhao Tao also proposes some suggestions through his abundant experience. "Pay attention to publicity. Publicize it to entrepreneurs. Hold more investment fairs and entrepreneur exchange meetings so as to enable them to know about the soft environment of Jilin and the development thought of Jilin. Keep the new relations between politicians and businessmen," Zhao Tao said. "Make entrepreneurs feel themselves investing and developing in a just and fair environment. We just need to do our work well, for the government will guarantee other things. I need to worry nothing. If the above mentioned work can be done well, Jilin will develop better and faster."